About Us

Nowhere Production. Where inspirations are created.

Inspiring your audience is the key challenge for us. That’s why here, at Nowhere Production we came up with a new approach to combine both cinematic and CG to give your audience an unforgettable trailer experience. Applying special visual effects, animation as well as sound effects to your trailers helps us achieve a luxurious look capable to play on any digital device.

Nowhere production is an artist driven company which was formed in Moscow, Russia with a major focus and specialization in CGI and SFX (computer graphics & special effects). About two years ago, as the mobile application world expanded we began producing trailers for mobile games and applications playing on all type of digital devices, which made our work successful.

The most important element, which helped us succeed is fact that we developed a production pipeline, which involved a huge variety of specifications for mobile-gaming marketing needs. It’s based on a budget-efficient strategy, which allows us create incredibly-looking trailers within tight deadlines, which have been always critical in a gaming industry. As of today, we are proud of our collection consisting of dozens of game trailers, including award-winning games which conquered the top rankings throughout App Store & Google Play markets.